Friday, September 19, 2014

Another year passes....

I don't know what happened in the past year. Its seems to go quicker which each One I get older. What has happened is something I promised would never occur, I have put back on nearly half my weight I lost in a mere 11 months. 

Looking at that broken down is 500grams a week. 

WHAT WAS I THINKING....each week or 2 I would get on the scales and think its ok I'll work on it next week. 11 months later and what have I learned... Well that choosing consistently bad choices does the opposite of choosing consistently good choices. I feel so disappointed now as I can believe I have done this to myself again and it was so easy to do it pretty scary. They say a habit takes 2 weeks to break, I'm wondering how long it takes to keep. 

All those good choices every week, every day and sometimes it was every hour was my goal were slowly replaced by bad choices. 

I even had a person who has been through this whole process with me, sitting across from me at work "my boss" questioning every piece of not too good choice food passing my lips, trying to help if anyone knows what I have been through its him.... Listening to me everyday preach the 12wbt haha. 

Thanks Stuart.. I'm listening again and I have stopped this crazy 11month eating binge with no movement. 

Over the last couple of weeks a few things have made me realise I need to be fit and healthy, I want to be fit and healthy....if I could only bottle that feeling after a run or a gym session and keep it with me I think that would help my habit of dropping everything.. But I can't so I'm now stepping back and looking what has happened and I am learning from this experience. 

I cannot make consistently bad choices and think that my fitness will still be there tomorrow. I need to take that time out of my day and move, doesn't matter what movements I do just get off my increasing size arse and wiggle it around a bit. 
I cannot eat crap consistently and expect my weight and my waist not to increase. Such easy lessons but its taken till now for me to make this realisation. 
Maybe this needed to happen for the next stage of my journey who knows, but another day will turn into weeks and months and a year and if I follow these 2 simple rules and be consistently smart the weight part won't matter as I know
Its a by product of what I do.

Yesterday I was thinking about what worked last time and writing a blog was
One of those things that helped me understand me and helped me be successful in my choices and my life. 

So if you are reading this and I don't really expect there is anyone after all this time - I am making a commitment to myself to write, eat well and move! 

 I will also apologise in advance for spelling, grammar and rambling but as a smart lovely lady I know once said to me "who are you writing for" and I realised what she was asking .... I'm writing for me! 
Here's to more writing, healthy eating and a healthy life for me.