Monday, October 22, 2012

Round 1 again a year later still transforming

It's has been a year since I started my weightloss journey with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

It's funny that when I started I was hoping to LOSE weight and that was it...maybe because I didn't know about the other world....the world of fit people and the things they do, the things they wear and the gadgets that they have, a whole new world which I am now a part of and OH!! MY the things you can buy (big hole in the pocket for this addicted shopper)

I have definitely achieved what I have set out to do and that was to lose weight. I have now shed about 42kgs give or take a couple as I haven't weighed myself for about 4 weeks, the last round I did was kind of donation as I don't think I followed the program at all, but in the last 12 weeks I have joined a runclub with the running whisperer Kaz from Mind, Body, Motion and I will get around to setting goals for my running which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE, I never would have thought a year ago I would be part of a run club, I have spent $350 on a Garmin 210 (one of those new gadgets I been introduced to that fit people have.... )

Where have you been all my life Garmin??

I still get outside and think I'm not going to be able to run, I wonder when my brain will catch up and get with the times that I'm a runner!

I have joined a self defence class of kickboxing and self defence which I like to call FIGHT CLUB, unfortunately the first rule with fight club is you can't talk about fight club, oops rules are meant to be broken... I LOVE Fight Club! Mainly cause hitting shit is fun.

I'll be swinging through the treetops in a couple of weeks at treetops adventure park with some 12wbters that I have met in the last 12 weeks and a couple of school mum's I'm pulling into this new world (inserts evil laugh)

I am paddle boarding next weekend with those same school mums, this freaks me out a little as I have never entertained this idea but the JUST BECAUSE I CAN part of me said yes...

And today I did the color run with my almost 6 year old son (time does fly) and what a fantastic time we had, the most fantabulous 5km I have ever run and I'm ready to register again for next year.

so even though I donated last round..without it I wouldn't be part of this new world that I love so much and I wouldn't have LOST that weight even though technically I gained a couple of kilos last time I weighed in, which doesn't phase me because even though I started to LOSE weight, I'm never going to find that weight again, my life now is no longer idle and I eat to fuel my body rather than eat because I can or because I'm bored or because I'm sad or angry (save that emotion for fight club shhh!)
I have joined for one last round of 12wbt just to make sure these habits are for good and I'm not tricking myself as I have done in the past... But I think after a year I'm going to be ok...just one more 12 week round to put the icing on the cake as they say and maybe pay it forward, encourage a few people to change their lives to be part if this new world that really is so much fun.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time flies by....3 months have past

I have been writing Headings of posts as reminders to write posts for the last 3 months and now I can't remember what I wanted to write....

That was 3 months ago and I have great headings of
Turning Inner Demons to Fairies ....
How I perceive myself....
Listen to my inner self...
Can be f**ked times are starting to outweigh Can't be f**cked times...

Well I think just by writing those headings at the time has helped me in some way or another, I know I have talked about some or all of these with a few friends and when I read the headings I'm not really compelled to elaborate.

So I'm back to write again in the present and today marked Week 6 weigh in Round 3, 2012 of 12wbt.

I am officially as the doctors would say plain old "overweight" ..... no longer morbidly obese or obese..
I have lost 38kgs since the 18th January 2012

Last night I walked down my hallway and I felt "light" this is the first time I can ever remember actually feeling light on my feet.

I have been noticing things that don't happen anymore..

The floorboards don't creak walking down my hallway
My back never aches
My ankles don't hurt when I stand up
I have no hesitation in walking ANYWHERE or any distance

I have realised tonight I don't complain about much at all anymore..  Being overweight had not just affected my physical health it affected my mental health and stopped me from doing things I didn't know I wanted to do

The I can's are starting to outweigh the I cant's
everything seems easy
anything is possible.....