Thursday, June 28, 2012

100 things that are great about my life and me

I have been challenged by a friend we shall call affectionately #frigginprincess to list 100 things that is great about my life and me.

It has taken me 2 days to finish my list. I now challenge anyone who reads this to make a list. I guarantee it will make you think of what is important to you!

1. best friends ( u know who u are)
2. Stephen (husband)
3. Cooper and Violet (kids)
4. My shrinking friends from 12wbt
5. I have my health
6. I can run
7. Wednesday walks around the bay
8. Going to finale in Perth
9. 12wbt
10. I'm shrinking
11. I can finally buy pretty bras (sz 12)
12. Smell of wattle
13. Birthdays
14. Smelling jasmine flowers
15. Hot shower after training
16. Writing my blog
17. My new gym
18. My family
19. My job
20. My work colleagues
21. I can do cartwheels
22. I love my bed
23. Group SSS (super Saturday sessions)
24. My iPhone
25. I no longer have a sore back
26. Peppermint tea
27. Helping at my sons school
28. Singstar
29. Reading tarots
30. Training
31. Swimming with my kids
32. Dinner at my aunty carols
33. My nan
34. I'm honest
35. Trustworthy
36. My dimples
37. cooper has the same dimples
38. My hair
39. My skin
40. Hand made Noodles
41. painting
42. I can drive
43. My teeth
44. Zumba classes
45. I'm intelligent
46. A good sneeze
47. Feather pillows
48. Dancing
49. Board games
50. My photos
51. Registered for city to surf
52. Holidays
53. Skiing
54. My new runners
55. Stretching
56. Fitness tests
57. Coffee
58. Books
59. iPad
60. Amazing people I have met
61. Our house
62. My doona
63. Movies
64. Christmas
65. Easter
66. being in a Michelle Bridges video
67. Snuggles in bed with my kids
68. Buying clothes from normal stores
69. Achieving my goals
70. I now have collar bones
71. My veins in my legs are disappearing
72. My 2 stomachs are becoming 1
73. I'm a good mum
74. I can walk upstairs without getting puffed
75. Sashimi
76. Country air
77. Horse riding
78. My school friends
79. Parties
80. Fancy dress
81. beautiful clothes
82. eBay
83. Crossfit
84. I'm generous
85. I love helping people
86. My children's honesty and support
87. Fresh linen
88. music
89. Fresh berries
90. Buddy my dog
91. Ablue our budgie
92. Boxing
93. Travelling
94. My body no longer holds me back
95. I can run 1km and probably more
96. I live in australia
97. Campfires
98. swimming in the ocean
99. Theatre
100. I have choice

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 4 fitness test and weigh in wednesday

I will be doing my week 4 fitness test this coming weekend with the western Sydney crew, these are the people I did my week 1 test with and it will be nice to catch up and see everyone again. I weighed in this morning and have lost 2.1kgs this week and a total of 5.3kgs since week 1. I'm pretty happy with this as I haven't been giving it 100%. The good thing is I know I'll get there eventually. Slow and steady and consistent. I'll be going to buy myself a reward for the 5kg loss. Previously I have rewarded myself with food but not anymore I'll be getting a new sports bra which is definately needed. Now I was speaking to a good friend the other day and we were talking about my blog. I gave her my
access to my blog to help her sister in law stay on track and maybe help her understand we are all on a similar journey and to keep at it, be consistent (she signed up this is her first round)

What she was saying is she never knew how I felt about being overweight or my weightloss or fitness and she said my blog made her cry. She didn't know I had felt "out of my comfort zone"doing ANYTHING as I was always such a confident person. Well I didn't know I felt these things either until I started writing them down in this blog which has been quite emotional for me. I had never really cared that I was overweight or what other people thought of me hence me being overweight and unfit for the most if the past 20 years. Yesterday I had dropped off my daughter to daycare and I hadn't been there for awhile. I am at the stage where people are starting to notice I have lost weight and I was complimented, questioned and I really felt funny talking about my weightloss. I sat in the car and actually cried, i'm still not sure why I was crying, whether I was crying for all the years I have been overweight, things I haven't done because of this or how people saw me prior to losing the weight. I've never felt this way before and I don't know why I do but maybe I did care what people thought and I never admitted it to myself, until now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before and after photos

Now I do have the shots in the Bra and undies which I have taken for 12wbt at the beginning of Round 1 - 4th Feb 2012 and beginning of Round 2 - 4th June 2012 but I can't bring myself to post those here yet, I can see a difference when I put the photos side by side but to me I look the same in the mirror. I have found a swimming photo taken about Oct 2011 and the one below that was taken Dec 2011- the photo on the right was taken after a 7km walk/jog last week at the Bayrun I'm about 22kgs lighter and I have reduced each thigh by 17cm's- if your wondering if the 12wbt program works I can definately say a big YES - you just need to do what Mish says sometimes easier said than done - it takes hardwork and determination to change 20 years of bad eating and non existence excerise but I'm proving it can be done

Week 3 coming to an end

Last night I decided to enter the weekly surprise for week 3 which is a blogging challenge for 12wbt, I have
To check the rules again but I think my blog qualifies, I may have to pretty it up a bit so it's easier to read, feel free to suggest anyway I could make it look better - I always like looking at pictures so will start posting some of my photos Blogging has helped me stay more focused this round even though I haven't done many posts. I have downloaded the Blogger app which I'm using now on my phone to see how it works, I think I have to post twice a week so the app will be handy when I'm short of time
So...... Week 3 and I have dropped another 1.4kgs which was a bit of a surprise it must have come from 2 weeks ago when I went to crossfit for the first time... I survived..and actually had fun but it still scares me. I feel a bit like the cowardly lion from the wizard of Oz - I need to find me some courage. I will start again next Wednesday and I'm going to commit to 2 sessions a week ... Even typing that makes me feel scared but it's in black and white now no turning back. I really admire people who do crossfit and I want to be one of those people. I have to convince myself that it's ok if I can only lift a broomstick over my head for thrusters...My friend Lisa who I met thru 12wbt last round was kind enough to take me along to her crossfit box as there was NO way I would have ever gone on my own, truthfully I felt like a bit of a fraud, I can barely run for 2 mins without dying and feeling I've lost a lung or lift any more than 3kgs over my head and here I was impersonating a crossfitter. Everyone was very nice there and made me feel welcome and they scale down the workouts to your level but I still feel intimidated - I do say "fake it till you make it." I will be a crossfitter. I will post my photo from crossfit doing thrusters - I upgraded the broom stick to an 8kg bar

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Failing doesn't mean giving up!

Too busy trying to make it pretty.......

I've come to a realisation tonight as to why I start things and never finish them, I spend too long trying to do whatever it might be to perfection, which I have realised is to its detriment, I either get bored with a particular thing or I wear myself out trying to do it to some ridiculous standard and fail and then give up and find something else. This includes so many ho bbies I have taken up in the past, Stamping of the rubber kind, card making, scrapbooking (very tedious) beads, crochet, knitting, cross stitch and the list goes on.... I think I can add exercise and blogging to my list of THINGS I HAVE DONE, FAILED AND GIVEN UP ON.

I've realised tonight this blog shouldn't be pretty and perfect its meant to be about my weightloss journey and pretty and perfect that definately isn't. So I was going to use the same font and headings etc for each of my post which would require going and checking what ones i've used and in my head I have pictures and an order of what I want to to make this pretty. Well I don't know what font or heading setting I have i'm just going to write
and if there are spelling mistakes and I ramble it doesn't matter I going to post - not correcting spelling is going to be difficult for me but I will try

Pre Season tasks 2 to 6
I have completed all my tasks we were given which included setting goals, saying it out loud, gearing up, kitchen makeover, organise and diarise, fitness test and measure up.

I have created a wall in my bedroom with my goals and excuses and a chart to plot my weightloss this round so will post those photos. I have registered for the city to surf for my major milestone and I'm not sure on the mini milestone yet but it might have something to do with either a run or crossfit. (not to get side tracked but I'm attending my first crossfit session tomorrow night with a seasoned crossfitter Lisa I will see if I like it and if I'm still alive to post about it).

I'm saying it out loud with this blog and I have told more people this round. Last round I was a bit hesitant probably because I thought I would fail and move onto something else but I am going to Succeed failure will happen but I'm not giving up!!
I have done my fitness test with a group of 12wbters at Penrith last Sunday we did the 7km Bridge to bridge walk and then I ran my Km time trial whivh I think may have been more than a Km as I added 31sec to my time from round 1 and this time I really did RUN - I felt really good running/shuffling and can't wait till I get fitter. I improved on all my tests - sit and reach I was +2cm (reaching 2cm past my toes - I'm advanced level 5 in the situps (which surprised me last round I was technically a Zero on struggle street) and I did 1 toe push up and 47 knee push ups in 1 minute last round was 25 knee push ups and a 2min wall sit improved from a 25sec one last round.

From beginning of round 1 - 4th Feb 2012 to beginning of Round 2 - 4th June 2012 I have lost never to find again

20.5kgs and 84cms  which I'm starting to finally see. It has taken me a good 4 weeks to feel the difference probably due to the fact I can't wear my pants as they fall off. It takes awile for your brain to adjust which I find quite funny.

Now I feel like I'm in real time with this blog I will keep my posts a little shorter. It's WWW tomorrow Wednesday, Wee, Weigh. When i joined on 18th Jan 2012 I was 120kgs and I weighed in on the weekend at 99.6kg.My goal is to reavh 80kgs bynthe end of this round - so far since Monday kickoff 4th June I have eaten clean 1200cal and trained and burnt 500cal in each session. Off to a good start, I know there will be failure but failure's not what it used to be, It's a learning step towards success