Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lost my way...start of a new year

I have lost my way in the staying fit and healthy game... I have rejoined 12wbt for Feb 2nd 2015 Round and I going to start reblogging... Hopefully this will refocus me and I can achieve some goals.. Bring on 2015

Friday, September 19, 2014

Another year passes....

I don't know what happened in the past year. Its seems to go quicker which each One I get older. What has happened is something I promised would never occur, I have put back on nearly half my weight I lost in a mere 11 months. 

Looking at that broken down is 500grams a week. 

WHAT WAS I THINKING....each week or 2 I would get on the scales and think its ok I'll work on it next week. 11 months later and what have I learned... Well that choosing consistently bad choices does the opposite of choosing consistently good choices. I feel so disappointed now as I can believe I have done this to myself again and it was so easy to do it pretty scary. They say a habit takes 2 weeks to break, I'm wondering how long it takes to keep. 

All those good choices every week, every day and sometimes it was every hour was my goal were slowly replaced by bad choices. 

I even had a person who has been through this whole process with me, sitting across from me at work "my boss" questioning every piece of not too good choice food passing my lips, trying to help if anyone knows what I have been through its him.... Listening to me everyday preach the 12wbt haha. 

Thanks Stuart.. I'm listening again and I have stopped this crazy 11month eating binge with no movement. 

Over the last couple of weeks a few things have made me realise I need to be fit and healthy, I want to be fit and healthy....if I could only bottle that feeling after a run or a gym session and keep it with me I think that would help my habit of dropping everything.. But I can't so I'm now stepping back and looking what has happened and I am learning from this experience. 

I cannot make consistently bad choices and think that my fitness will still be there tomorrow. I need to take that time out of my day and move, doesn't matter what movements I do just get off my increasing size arse and wiggle it around a bit. 
I cannot eat crap consistently and expect my weight and my waist not to increase. Such easy lessons but its taken till now for me to make this realisation. 
Maybe this needed to happen for the next stage of my journey who knows, but another day will turn into weeks and months and a year and if I follow these 2 simple rules and be consistently smart the weight part won't matter as I know
Its a by product of what I do.

Yesterday I was thinking about what worked last time and writing a blog was
One of those things that helped me understand me and helped me be successful in my choices and my life. 

So if you are reading this and I don't really expect there is anyone after all this time - I am making a commitment to myself to write, eat well and move! 

 I will also apologise in advance for spelling, grammar and rambling but as a smart lovely lady I know once said to me "who are you writing for" and I realised what she was asking .... I'm writing for me! 
Here's to more writing, healthy eating and a healthy life for me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Round 1 again a year later still transforming

It's has been a year since I started my weightloss journey with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

It's funny that when I started I was hoping to LOSE weight and that was it...maybe because I didn't know about the other world....the world of fit people and the things they do, the things they wear and the gadgets that they have, a whole new world which I am now a part of and OH!! MY the things you can buy (big hole in the pocket for this addicted shopper)

I have definitely achieved what I have set out to do and that was to lose weight. I have now shed about 42kgs give or take a couple as I haven't weighed myself for about 4 weeks, the last round I did was kind of donation as I don't think I followed the program at all, but in the last 12 weeks I have joined a runclub with the running whisperer Kaz from Mind, Body, Motion and I will get around to setting goals for my running which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE, I never would have thought a year ago I would be part of a run club, I have spent $350 on a Garmin 210 (one of those new gadgets I been introduced to that fit people have.... )

Where have you been all my life Garmin??

I still get outside and think I'm not going to be able to run, I wonder when my brain will catch up and get with the times that I'm a runner!

I have joined a self defence class of kickboxing and self defence which I like to call FIGHT CLUB, unfortunately the first rule with fight club is you can't talk about fight club, oops rules are meant to be broken... I LOVE Fight Club! Mainly cause hitting shit is fun.

I'll be swinging through the treetops in a couple of weeks at treetops adventure park with some 12wbters that I have met in the last 12 weeks and a couple of school mum's I'm pulling into this new world (inserts evil laugh)

I am paddle boarding next weekend with those same school mums, this freaks me out a little as I have never entertained this idea but the JUST BECAUSE I CAN part of me said yes...

And today I did the color run with my almost 6 year old son (time does fly) and what a fantastic time we had, the most fantabulous 5km I have ever run and I'm ready to register again for next year.

so even though I donated last round..without it I wouldn't be part of this new world that I love so much and I wouldn't have LOST that weight even though technically I gained a couple of kilos last time I weighed in, which doesn't phase me because even though I started to LOSE weight, I'm never going to find that weight again, my life now is no longer idle and I eat to fuel my body rather than eat because I can or because I'm bored or because I'm sad or angry (save that emotion for fight club shhh!)
I have joined for one last round of 12wbt just to make sure these habits are for good and I'm not tricking myself as I have done in the past... But I think after a year I'm going to be ok...just one more 12 week round to put the icing on the cake as they say and maybe pay it forward, encourage a few people to change their lives to be part if this new world that really is so much fun.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time flies by....3 months have past

I have been writing Headings of posts as reminders to write posts for the last 3 months and now I can't remember what I wanted to write....

That was 3 months ago and I have great headings of
Turning Inner Demons to Fairies ....
How I perceive myself....
Listen to my inner self...
Can be f**ked times are starting to outweigh Can't be f**cked times...

Well I think just by writing those headings at the time has helped me in some way or another, I know I have talked about some or all of these with a few friends and when I read the headings I'm not really compelled to elaborate.

So I'm back to write again in the present and today marked Week 6 weigh in Round 3, 2012 of 12wbt.

I am officially as the doctors would say plain old "overweight" ..... no longer morbidly obese or obese..
I have lost 38kgs since the 18th January 2012

Last night I walked down my hallway and I felt "light" this is the first time I can ever remember actually feeling light on my feet.

I have been noticing things that don't happen anymore..

The floorboards don't creak walking down my hallway
My back never aches
My ankles don't hurt when I stand up
I have no hesitation in walking ANYWHERE or any distance

I have realised tonight I don't complain about much at all anymore..  Being overweight had not just affected my physical health it affected my mental health and stopped me from doing things I didn't know I wanted to do

The I can's are starting to outweigh the I cant's
everything seems easy
anything is possible.....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meet and Greets

I went to a meet up tonight with some fellow 12wbt Sydneysiders for dinner. We had a great dinner and catch up, I also got to meet some new people that I hadn't met. After tonight it got me thinking about the forums and facebook pages and support in the 12wbt program and I do think this is a key part to the success alot of people have with it. The invaluable chit chat of really knowing there is someone else out there like you in the same boat that you can connect with that has done or thought what you have.

Someone that has driven thru one if not two or three drive thru fast food outlets before and ordered an array of food only to sit in the car and inhale eveything then feel guilty later and wanting to throw up... But not throwing up because you either don't want to waste the money that was just spent ordering and eating all that food or just not wanting to go down that path of having an "eating disorder" because clearly you don't have one already. I know I have been guilty of it. It's actually comforting to know that we aren't that unique and there is always someone else trying to overcome their demons to be the best version of themselves. So I put this to you, If you are doing the 12wbt program and haven't met up with some of the other members make it one of you goals to step outside you comfort zone and give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised it could be the key to your success!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

100 things that are great about my life and me

I have been challenged by a friend we shall call affectionately #frigginprincess to list 100 things that is great about my life and me.

It has taken me 2 days to finish my list. I now challenge anyone who reads this to make a list. I guarantee it will make you think of what is important to you!

1. best friends ( u know who u are)
2. Stephen (husband)
3. Cooper and Violet (kids)
4. My shrinking friends from 12wbt
5. I have my health
6. I can run
7. Wednesday walks around the bay
8. Going to finale in Perth
9. 12wbt
10. I'm shrinking
11. I can finally buy pretty bras (sz 12)
12. Smell of wattle
13. Birthdays
14. Smelling jasmine flowers
15. Hot shower after training
16. Writing my blog
17. My new gym
18. My family
19. My job
20. My work colleagues
21. I can do cartwheels
22. I love my bed
23. Group SSS (super Saturday sessions)
24. My iPhone
25. I no longer have a sore back
26. Peppermint tea
27. Helping at my sons school
28. Singstar
29. Reading tarots
30. Training
31. Swimming with my kids
32. Dinner at my aunty carols
33. My nan
34. I'm honest
35. Trustworthy
36. My dimples
37. cooper has the same dimples
38. My hair
39. My skin
40. Hand made Noodles
41. painting
42. I can drive
43. My teeth
44. Zumba classes
45. I'm intelligent
46. A good sneeze
47. Feather pillows
48. Dancing
49. Board games
50. My photos
51. Registered for city to surf
52. Holidays
53. Skiing
54. My new runners
55. Stretching
56. Fitness tests
57. Coffee
58. Books
59. iPad
60. Amazing people I have met
61. Our house
62. My doona
63. Movies
64. Christmas
65. Easter
66. being in a Michelle Bridges video
67. Snuggles in bed with my kids
68. Buying clothes from normal stores
69. Achieving my goals
70. I now have collar bones
71. My veins in my legs are disappearing
72. My 2 stomachs are becoming 1
73. I'm a good mum
74. I can walk upstairs without getting puffed
75. Sashimi
76. Country air
77. Horse riding
78. My school friends
79. Parties
80. Fancy dress
81. beautiful clothes
82. eBay
83. Crossfit
84. I'm generous
85. I love helping people
86. My children's honesty and support
87. Fresh linen
88. music
89. Fresh berries
90. Buddy my dog
91. Ablue our budgie
92. Boxing
93. Travelling
94. My body no longer holds me back
95. I can run 1km and probably more
96. I live in australia
97. Campfires
98. swimming in the ocean
99. Theatre
100. I have choice

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 4 fitness test and weigh in wednesday

I will be doing my week 4 fitness test this coming weekend with the western Sydney crew, these are the people I did my week 1 test with and it will be nice to catch up and see everyone again. I weighed in this morning and have lost 2.1kgs this week and a total of 5.3kgs since week 1. I'm pretty happy with this as I haven't been giving it 100%. The good thing is I know I'll get there eventually. Slow and steady and consistent. I'll be going to buy myself a reward for the 5kg loss. Previously I have rewarded myself with food but not anymore I'll be getting a new sports bra which is definately needed. Now I was speaking to a good friend the other day and we were talking about my blog. I gave her my
access to my blog to help her sister in law stay on track and maybe help her understand we are all on a similar journey and to keep at it, be consistent (she signed up this is her first round)

What she was saying is she never knew how I felt about being overweight or my weightloss or fitness and she said my blog made her cry. She didn't know I had felt "out of my comfort zone"doing ANYTHING as I was always such a confident person. Well I didn't know I felt these things either until I started writing them down in this blog which has been quite emotional for me. I had never really cared that I was overweight or what other people thought of me hence me being overweight and unfit for the most if the past 20 years. Yesterday I had dropped off my daughter to daycare and I hadn't been there for awhile. I am at the stage where people are starting to notice I have lost weight and I was complimented, questioned and I really felt funny talking about my weightloss. I sat in the car and actually cried, i'm still not sure why I was crying, whether I was crying for all the years I have been overweight, things I haven't done because of this or how people saw me prior to losing the weight. I've never felt this way before and I don't know why I do but maybe I did care what people thought and I never admitted it to myself, until now.