Friday, May 25, 2012

No more excuses - Preseason Task 1

No More Excuses

Pre Season task 1

This is the first pre-season task that Mish is asking me too complete for Round 2 of the 12wbt which starts on 4th of June 2012 it's exactly the same as the previous round. 

Last round I got right in and wrote down all my excuses, everything under the sun. It was as if Michelle Bridges was going to fix everything if I got these typed into the little boxes on my 12wbt profile. 

This time it has taken me almost till the start of the round.

There is a difference though last round I felt like a complete fraud doing this task writing down excuses, of course Mish wasn't even looking at my excuses deep down I knew that but still part of my hoped there was something special about this program and miricalously my excuses were going disappear with my fat and I was going to be one of those 12wbt members I was reading about burning 500 calories a day ( honestly I was a bit taken aback and intimidated reading some of their posts) getting up with the sparrows having fun exercising?? 

No siree my first round I struggled and it was ages before I burnted 500cal in one session and everyday training became once a week.

I completely forgot what excuses I wrote down as I never printed them or stuck them anywhere but I definately used them daily

This time is different I can't say exactly why probably attributed to the new friends I have made that are walking that same road. I have listed the excuses I could think of that I used last round. I will be sticking these to a wall of my house, last night I worked out which wall, the one I face when I open my eyes in the morning. 

This wall which is roughly 5 metres long will also have my before photos from 18/1/12 and my after photos taken yesterday 24/5/12  (didn't take them at the end of the round as I felt like I failed) they are still on my camera and I haven't compared them to the before photos, I guess I'm still worried that I won't see a difference as I still cringed when I looked at them. Maybe tomorrow.

What I am sure of is these excuses will NOT be used because I am already walking the walk. I have been set a challenge to burn 500cal a day and 1000cal on SSS (super saturday session) = 3500cal a week when the round starts. I am not waiting around for the 4th June I have already reset my HRM (heart rate monitor) totals at the beginning of this week 21/5/12 and burnt the calories set. One thing I am good at is maths and I'm always up for a challange. 

My Excuses

I will not be too lazy, tired, sore, busy, sick, unmotivated, 

It will never be too hot, cold, rainy, sunny, overcast, late, early

If I can't get to the gym  I will train at home 

If I have aching muscles I will continue to train to ease the pain

There are no excuses because I JFDI

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