Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Failing doesn't mean giving up!

Too busy trying to make it pretty.......

I've come to a realisation tonight as to why I start things and never finish them, I spend too long trying to do whatever it might be to perfection, which I have realised is to its detriment, I either get bored with a particular thing or I wear myself out trying to do it to some ridiculous standard and fail and then give up and find something else. This includes so many ho bbies I have taken up in the past, Stamping of the rubber kind, card making, scrapbooking (very tedious) beads, crochet, knitting, cross stitch and the list goes on.... I think I can add exercise and blogging to my list of THINGS I HAVE DONE, FAILED AND GIVEN UP ON.

I've realised tonight this blog shouldn't be pretty and perfect its meant to be about my weightloss journey and pretty and perfect that definately isn't. So I was going to use the same font and headings etc for each of my post which would require going and checking what ones i've used and in my head I have pictures and an order of what I want to to make this pretty. Well I don't know what font or heading setting I have i'm just going to write
and if there are spelling mistakes and I ramble it doesn't matter I going to post - not correcting spelling is going to be difficult for me but I will try

Pre Season tasks 2 to 6
I have completed all my tasks we were given which included setting goals, saying it out loud, gearing up, kitchen makeover, organise and diarise, fitness test and measure up.

I have created a wall in my bedroom with my goals and excuses and a chart to plot my weightloss this round so will post those photos. I have registered for the city to surf for my major milestone and I'm not sure on the mini milestone yet but it might have something to do with either a run or crossfit. (not to get side tracked but I'm attending my first crossfit session tomorrow night with a seasoned crossfitter Lisa I will see if I like it and if I'm still alive to post about it).

I'm saying it out loud with this blog and I have told more people this round. Last round I was a bit hesitant probably because I thought I would fail and move onto something else but I am going to Succeed failure will happen but I'm not giving up!!
I have done my fitness test with a group of 12wbters at Penrith last Sunday we did the 7km Bridge to bridge walk and then I ran my Km time trial whivh I think may have been more than a Km as I added 31sec to my time from round 1 and this time I really did RUN - I felt really good running/shuffling and can't wait till I get fitter. I improved on all my tests - sit and reach I was +2cm (reaching 2cm past my toes - I'm advanced level 5 in the situps (which surprised me last round I was technically a Zero on struggle street) and I did 1 toe push up and 47 knee push ups in 1 minute last round was 25 knee push ups and a 2min wall sit improved from a 25sec one last round.

From beginning of round 1 - 4th Feb 2012 to beginning of Round 2 - 4th June 2012 I have lost never to find again

20.5kgs and 84cms  which I'm starting to finally see. It has taken me a good 4 weeks to feel the difference probably due to the fact I can't wear my pants as they fall off. It takes awile for your brain to adjust which I find quite funny.

Now I feel like I'm in real time with this blog I will keep my posts a little shorter. It's WWW tomorrow Wednesday, Wee, Weigh. When i joined on 18th Jan 2012 I was 120kgs and I weighed in on the weekend at 99.6kg.My goal is to reavh 80kgs bynthe end of this round - so far since Monday kickoff 4th June I have eaten clean 1200cal and trained and burnt 500cal in each session. Off to a good start, I know there will be failure but failure's not what it used to be, It's a learning step towards success

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