Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before and after photos

Now I do have the shots in the Bra and undies which I have taken for 12wbt at the beginning of Round 1 - 4th Feb 2012 and beginning of Round 2 - 4th June 2012 but I can't bring myself to post those here yet, I can see a difference when I put the photos side by side but to me I look the same in the mirror. I have found a swimming photo taken about Oct 2011 and the one below that was taken Dec 2011- the photo on the right was taken after a 7km walk/jog last week at the Bayrun I'm about 22kgs lighter and I have reduced each thigh by 17cm's- if your wondering if the 12wbt program works I can definately say a big YES - you just need to do what Mish says sometimes easier said than done - it takes hardwork and determination to change 20 years of bad eating and non existence excerise but I'm proving it can be done

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